Lot 38: Damien Hirst

from Talking Heads (2000)

Like lot 42 in this auction, this work is a collaboration with Anthony Haden-Guest. In a project for Radar magazine called “Talking Heads,” a Xeroxed copy of an illustrated profile was sent to artists and celebrities, inviting them to embellish the figure and to express what’s on his/her mind.

20th Century Art: Capsule Gallery Auction: May 10, 2018: Lot 38


Damien Hirst from Talking Heads (2000)

In this piece, Damien Hirst composes a portrait with spent cigarette butts transformed into a smoked-mohawk, giving an ironic “Punks Not Dead” vibe. Much of Damien Hirst’s work is preoccupied with meditations on life and death— most easily recognizable in his famous, if controversial, animal carcasses suspended in formaldehyde. Hirst also uses the imagery of the cigarette to reflect on life and death: “The whole smoking thing is like a mini life cycle,” the artist has said. “For me the cigarette can stand for life, the packet with its possible cigarettes stands for birth, the lighter can signify God which gives life to the whole situation, the ashtray.”

Damien Hirst
(b. 1965)
from Talking Heads (2000)
mixed media, ink, smoked cigarette butts taped down on xerographic print of head in profile by Anthony Haden-Guest
signed by Damien Hirst, lower right
sheet: 11 x 8 1/2 inches

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