Lot 42: Peter Beard

from Talking Heads (2000)

Like lot 38 in this auction, this work is a collaboration with Anthony Haden-Guest. In a project for Radar magazine called “Talking Heads” a Xeroxed copy of an illustrated profile was sent to artists and celebrities, inviting them to embellish the figure and to express what’s on his/her mind.

20th Century Art: Capsule Gallery Auction: May 10, 2018: Lot 42


Peter Beard from Talking Heads (2000)

Peter Beard for his contribution, painted with ink and collaged images, rendering a work that resembles a manic phrenology chart. On closer inspection like many of Beard’s compositions (including lot 39 in this auction), some elements are taken from pulp and pop culture sources, while others are scientific imagery and Beard’s own photographs of the natural world of Africa. The frantic collage and the expressionist swirls and splashes of ink that explode out of the head convey a powerful and lively intellect, in contrast to the Buddha-like composure of the profile template.

Peter Beard
(b. 1938)
from Talking Heads (2000)
mixed media, collage, ink and photography
on xerographic print of head in profile by Anthony Haden-Guest
signed by Peter Beard, lower left
11 x 8 1/2 inches

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